Santa Scorese
Bari (Italy), february 6, 1968 - march 16, 1991

Servant of God - September 7, 1999

Santa Scorese martyr for dignity of the woman (Luigi Accattoli)

First pages of Santa Scoreseís Diary * August 6 - November 8, 1986 (P.Daniel Ange)

Pages of Santa Scoreseís Diary * 10 November 1986 - 6 May 1987

Santa Scorese: an intense life devoted to God through Our Lady (Egidio Ridolfo s.j.)

"Thank You for loving me, for making me feel Your presence in me. Iím experiencing Your love in sorrow and in joy. Really, I feel Iím growing up, but the most beautiful observation is that Iím doing it with You."

[Santa Scorese's Diary: 10th August 1986]

"I know God is really the only unshakeable certainty in our life. I feel His presence give us serenity and confidence in spite of our confusion. I am sure I am not alone, He loves me, for all my faults, and I feel I must choose Him every day because He is the most important thing for me, and it is well worth fighting, suffering and dying."

[Santa Scorese's Diary: November 17th, 1987]

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