Society of St. Maria Goretti

Saint Maria Goretti

Lily of Purity, Palm of Martyrdom

Little Maria Goretti loved God and His Blessed Mother so much that at the tender age of 11 years, 9months, and 20 days she chose to die rather than sin. And imitating Jesus, who on the Cross forgave those who crucified Him, Maria on her death bed forgave her murderer, Alessandro Serenelli.

While Alessandro served his sentence in prison, Maria appeared to him in a dream and gave him pure white lilies. Fourteen of them, for the number of times he had stabbed her.

When she left him, he called for a Priest to confess his horrible sin.The guards told him to write to the Priest. This Is what he wrote: "I beg pardon of the world for the outrage I committed against the martyr, Maria Goretti and Purity. I exhort all to avoid immoral spectacles and all dangerous occasions that can lead to sin."

Alessandro Ieft this message to the Youth of our day, whose lives are flooded with literature and media of every impure act imaginable.

Dear young people, be Pure, you can and must help Jesus, save our Youth from corruption. You are asked to do it because the attack is against You.

Be brave, be prayerful, be pure, pray before the Blessed Sacrament. Be the Leaders who will help guide those around you to God and with grateful hearts chant...

O God, with your grace help us
to save souls from the grasp of the devil.
Holy Mary, Mother most pure, pray for us!

Maria Goretti was an 11 year old little peasant girl Italy, who loved God and His Blessed Mother so much that she was able to resist and fight off the attack of a twenty year old youth who wanted to rape her.

He stabbed her 14 times. She died the next day after telling the priest at her death bed that she forgave Alessandro Serenelli and wanted him to go to heaven.

In prison he was unrepentant. Then Maria Goretti appeared to him and gave him 14 pure white iilies. He repented of his horrible sin and died a holy man.

In this day and age we need Little St. Maria Goretti to show us "her way" to God as we study her life.

Pray to her, that through Godís grace you may be pure of heart, mind and dress.

Regardless of all those around you, fix your eyes on God, ask Him for Chastity and Purity of soul that you may also become a Saint and gain eternal Happiness as she did.

Saint Maria Goretti, pray for us! Help and guide us!

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