Where to find Jesus, your Friend

St. Maria Goretti’s way 

This step will teach you where to find Jesus, your Friend.

As often as possible go to the Church, kneel before the Tabernacle… Talk to Jesus. He’s been waiting for you.

What you telI Him is between the two of you. Be assured. He hears you.

The more generous you are in spending time talking to Jesus in the Tabernacle, the more generous will He be with the graces and love that He wants to give you.

Jesus is there in the Tabernacle hidden in a little white host. This is a great mystery!!

"What you tell Him
is between the two of you…"

[Image offered to Saint Therese of Lisieux
on the occasion of her First Communion]


"He is there Body, Blood,
Soul and Divinity"

[painted by St.Therese of Lisieux]

Ask God for the gift of Faith so that within your soul you will truly believe in His Presence. He is there Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity.

Many Saints had such strong Faith in the real Presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, that when they visited Him before the Tabernacle, they would find it difficult to leave Him and return to their work.

Jesus, increase my Faith and intensify my love.

St. Maria Goretti,
pray for us!

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