Confession, Holy Mass and
Holy Communion

St. Maria Goretti’s way  

"Confession will keep your soul pure and holy
in God's sight..."

"Jesus, I'm always amazed in recognizing you as that little bread, as that drop of wine. It is your Love that teaches me how to love. Thanks, Jesus..."

Read in St. Maria Goretti's Biography how she walked a long way to go to Confession, attend Holy Mass, and how happy she was to receive Holy Communion.

By going to Confession often, you will keep your soul pure and holy in God's sight.

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass Is the greatest prayer you can offer to God. Speak to St. Maria Goretti, your good friend, ask her to help you share in the Mass as she did. Try to attend Mass often. Not only on Sunday. Every day if possible.

Use your Missal. Read the prayers with the Priest.
At the awesome moment of Consecration, when the Bread and Wine become the Body and Blood of Jesus, our living Savior, alive there on the altar, bow and adore Him as you say, "My Lord and my God".

It is Communion time. Jesus wants to come into your heart. Keep your thoughts fixed on Him as you receive Jesus into your heart, hidden in the little white host.

Thank Him. Tell Him of your Love for Him. Find Peace in His Love!

Saint Maria Goretti, pray for us!

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