The Society of St. Maria Goretti

All for the greatest honor and glory of God

The Handbook - that you can ask the Society of Saint Maria Goretti - is designed to be a Guide (Steps #1-5) for the Companions of the Society and a spiritual Bond with their Supporters as they Journey Together in the Spirit of St. Maria Goretti.

After you have joined the Society of St.Maria Goretti, you receive an envelope for:

Step #1

It will contain a picture of St.Maria Goretti. A short biography for you to read and get to know her a little. You will see how she loved Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and Our Blessed Mother, Mary. How she preferred death rather than commit a sin.

You will find a short prayer to the Holy Spirit to be prayed morning and night so that He may enlighten and guide you.

It is good for you to follow Step #1 for as long as you wish.
In the silence of your soul God will let you know when you are ready for Step #2.

When this happens call your "Supporter" whose name and address you were given when you joined the Society of St.Maria Goretti. You will go on the Step #2.

Saint Maria Goretti, pray for us! Help and guide us!

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